Salt water

We offer a great variety of salt water fish with a high standard of quality. Every week we receive new shipments of fish and invertebrates from our breeder. If you are looking for a special fish, just call us and we keep the animal on hold for you. In case we do not have it here, we can order it for you with the next shipment. 

We are happy to suggest you an individual, adequate and interesting assembly of animals for your tank.

Twice a week we will also receive corals and lower animals - colorful and exotic!

Fresh Water

In our fresh water division you will encounter a selction of different fish and shrimp. For hygienic reasons, for each tank we run its own filter and use its own net.

You can find "standard fish" like guppies, mollies, and duscus, as well as crown tail black dragen bettas, different species of boraras, amerikan and african killifish.

We are regularly supplied with different kind of aquatic plants - of which surely one of them fits your needs.